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Parents of Autistic Adults Support Group (ASD1, Asperger's, High-Functioning)

For people who are not ready yet to try 1:1 parent coaching or just can't afford it, I have a free, safe, moderated Facebook support group for parents of adults with autism who support each other. I also provide some coaching for common challenges.

Adulthood is the parenting phase no one told you about! Parents of autistic adults have so many worries and little access to effective resources. I created this group because involved, skilled parents are an autistic adult's very best option for success. This group is a space for sharing your struggles and receiving ideas for solutions and support from others who are traveling a similar journey. It's a place for hope! 


Please feel free to join us, and make sure to answer the questions asked when you join. To keep the group very safe, I cannot admit people who do not answer the questions. You can find us here.

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What Parents are Saying

I've been part of a support group for parents of autistic adults, and we support each other, but I definitely do not feel as hopeful afterward as I did by the end of Patty's group. She has a nice energy, and I like that she is familiar with PDA and other things others have not been.

Kristine B.

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