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The best antidote to unsolicited autism parenting advice (or dirty looks)

When you suck at snappy comebacks

My Child is Autistic Public Wallet Card.png

Turn ignorant bystanders into support people with this printable business card template


We’ve all been there – out in public (or even in private), and someone who's never parented an autistic kid gives us unwanted, ignorant advice because our kid is not behaving the way this person thinks they should.

I would like to think when someone makes a snide comment about my parenting that I could kindly yet assertively educate them on the realities of neurodiversity. I'm not that person though, so I needed a better solution.


Handing them a card is much better than going ballistic – or doing a slow burn.

My Child is Autistic Form

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"My Child is Autistic"
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