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Use this proven method for teaching teeth brushing

Even the smartest kids sometimes struggle with performing multiple steps in order to accomplish a bigger goal. This checklist breaks it down so you can help them practice each step and ultimately string them together independently for success (and healthier teeth and gums)!


Help your child build the executive functioning skills required for this important life skill

When you're worried about their teeth rotting out of their heads
Remember to change your toothbrush. From

Seriously. Why won't he just brush his teeth? That's what I thought before learning about how deceptively complex and sensorily offensive it can be to brush one's teeth. For many autistic kids, it's a really stressful part of daily hygiene. 

This checklist helps them build the skills needed to brush independently.

Help Your Kid Build Skills for  Successful Teeth Brushing

Use this editable form for other chores too!

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