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Neurodivergent Adult Coaching

Man Wearing Headphones on Autism Life Skills Coaching Call

Living in a world designed for neurotypicals with a neurodivergent brain is challenging, and it is often difficult to reach your full potential. We understand your challenges and see your strengths. In coaching, we collaborate to create a step-by-step plan for achieving your goals, breaking down big ideas into eight-week challenges for you to work toward. Sometimes we need to work for a few sessions on figuring out what your goals are.

In addition to very practical skill-building, we will work on self-awareness, self-understanding, self-acceptance, and self-advocacy so you can apply these in a variety of situations to increase your quality of life. With coaching, our clients have reported an improvement in self-confidence, increased understanding of themselves, increased self-compassion, getting clear about their goals and ambitions, feeling more connected to those around them, and lowered stress levels. Our coaching sessions are conveniently conducted via Zoom from the comfort of your home.


Our coaching might be a fit for you if you struggle with:

  • Getting things done that you want to get done

  • Achieving goals you've set for yourself

  • Figuring out where to start to make the changes you are looking for

  • Recovering from burnout

  • Anxiety in social situations around small talk or expectations

  • Making and maintaining friends and romantic relationships

  • Unemployment, underemployment, or negative performance reviews at work

  • Feeling constantly frustrated by things that other people seem to know or do intuitively

  • Organization or accomplishing tasks needed for success with work, school, or independent living

  • Trying to fit in socially, which causes you exhaustion and burnout

  • Understanding neurotypicals

  • Understanding yourself after deeply masking for so many years

  • Accepting your own neurodiversity (we will teach you how awesome you are)!


In the first sessions, we will talk about your goals for coaching and collaborate to create a measurable plan for achieving those goals by leveraging your strengths and figuring out how to overcome the obstacles in your path. Ultimately, we hope to leave you with skills that enable you to become your own empowered self-coach.

Many autistic adults have received the message throughout their lives that they are fundamentally flawed, broken, or less than others. If this has created problems for you, we will also work on self-understanding and work toward self-acceptance.


Typically, we meet for a 50-minute session each week over Zoom for the first couple of months and then start reducing the frequency to give you an opportunity to really work on your goals in between sessions. The length of time we work together depends on the number of goals you have and how ambitious they are. Some people work with us for a few months, but most meet with us for about six months and some a little longer. We become your teacher, mentor, collaborator, cheerleader, and accountability partner.

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