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Parents of Neurodivergent Adults Coaching

Holding Hands

Parents of autistic and otherwise neurodivergent adults worry as much about their adult kids as parents of younger kids. These are the most common questions we hear:


  • What will happen to them when I'm gone?

  • How do I get her out of her bedroom?

  • How do I get him off video games?

  • How do I help her develop better daily living or executive functioning skills?

  • How can I help them build a social life?

  • How do I get him to access education or find a job? --> Check out your state's vocational rehabilitation information. Just Google "(my state) vocational rehabilitation"

  • I just found out my adult child is autistic. What does it mean?

  • How in the world do I get my child unstuck???

There is plenty of reason for hope, though. I can help you figure out how to connect with your adult child and talk with them in a way that doesn't trigger defensiveness while making them feel unconditionally supported. Creating a soft landing pad for them like this for when things don't go their way results in more cooperation and less conflict and helps them get unstuck and moving forward in life! Our coaching sessions are conveniently conducted via Zoom from the comfort of your home.


Our parent coaching might be a fit for you if you want coaching on how to coach them into a thriving adulthood and you:


  • Can't stop worrying about their future

  • Are worried about their launch into adulthood

  • Feel like they are stuck in a rut and can't get out

  • Are anticipating a tough transitional stage: starting high school, graduating high school, starting college, starting a career

  • Have recently experienced one of those transitional stages, and it didn't go well

  • Have just discovered they are autistic and you are both trying to understand what that means

  • Feel like no one understands your situation

  • Are sick and tired of the level of conflict in your home and need to make a change

  • Are looking to connect better with your child

  • Need someone to talk to who gets it, who can tell you that you are not alone and all your complex feelings are valid

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