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Autism Independence

You started the work. Now you want to keep the momentum going. The Autism Independence Allies monthly membership will provide the community and coaching that will support you through the tough stuff and celebrate your successes as you continue moving forward.

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What better way to continue the journey than with friends you've met along the way?

Parenting neurodivergent teens and adults is the parenting stage no one told you about, and it can be such a lonely journey. While you are supporting them, setting boundaries, and giving nudges, who is supporting you? Autism Independence Allies, that's who! 


Join a gentle, welcoming, and kind community of parents supporting parents and working toward greater independence for their teen and adult children. 

What's included?

For $99/month per household, you get:


Group Coaching Calls

Group coaching calls happen every other Wednesday from 5-6 pm Mountain Time. Calls are recorded and uploaded into the private portal in case you can't attend live. Questions can be submitted in advance, and with the calls recorded, you will always have access to expert advice.

Online Community

To continue the amazing discussions started in Parenting for Independence, you will have access to a discussion community just like you did during Parenting for Independence. Patty is very actively involved here if you need support or advice in between group coaching calls, but you also get to access the "wisdom of the crowd" – which is priceless.

Support Pods/Partners

No one can relate to your challenges or celebrate the significance of your successes like someone who is actively going through the same things – especially when they've done the same training as you. To maximize opportunities for support and encouragement, I will help you find a support pod if you are interested so you can support each other when you feel stuck and celebrate your successes when you continue the momentum created in Parenting for Independence.

Personalized Coaching Option

Members can access optional on-demand 1:1 coaching sessions with Patty for personalized, in-depth support to untangle really thorny problems or create a game plan for overcoming a specific challenge

Pricing Options

This program is invite-only. Your options are:

Pay Month-to-Month

Pay $99 for your first month and then $99 monthly until you cancel.

Cancel easily anytime

Prepay For One Year

Prepay for 12 months at $990 and you get two months free. Your credit card will be charged immediately.

Two months free

I'm Ready to Enroll

Choose a payment option

Monthly Subscription


12 Months of Access


Two months free

Cancel easily anytime

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With a late diagnosis at age 22, my husband and I just didn't know what we didn't know. After this program, we have so many more tools in our toolbox than we ever thought possible. We're supporting him in achieving his goals while maintaining the boundaries we need. He's making real progress. I looked back last night at old notes I took about things that were keeping me up at night, and he is in a much better place than a year ago.

Parent Participant

Burning questions other parents have asked before grabbing their access👇🏽

When do the group coaching calls happen?

The calls are every other Wednesday starting at 5 pm Mountain Time for one hour.

What if I can't make it to all the calls live?

Just like the Parenting for Independence program, the group coaching calls are recorded and hosted inside our private platform, so you can always watch the replay. You can also log your questions before each call, and the questions are answered in the order they are received, so you can ask your question beforehand and just watch the replay. Please remember that you also have access to the online community 24/7 for questions that can't wait, as well as your support pod members.

How does the 1:1 coaching option with Patty work?

Members of Autism Independence Allies are able to schedule on-demand, pay-as-you-go, private coaching sessions with Patty for personalized, in-depth support as you need them for $250/session.

How much does the membership cost?

Monthly access to the Autism Independence Allies membership is $99/month per household. If you sign up by May 1, 2024, you get your first month free. If you prefer to prepay for annual access and sign up by May 1, $891 will get you 12 months of access, which means you get three months free. After May 1, monthly and annual access are $99/month (with no free months) and $990/year (two months free), respectively.

If I start with monthly access, can I upgrade to annual access?

Absolutely! You are welcome to upgrade and downgrade your access anytime. Just let Patty know at least 48 hours before your next monthly payment, and she will email a link to make the change.

How long do I have to decide about enrolling?

Once you go through the Parenting for Independence program, you are eligible to join Autism Independence Allies. If you want to take a break and come back later, you are welcome to join whenever the time is right for you.

How do I access everything?

You will access group coaching calls and the online community just like you did for the Parenting for Independence program. You can access everything through your computer or the "Communities" app on your phone. Your login remains the same.

How do I get access for my parenting partner too?

When you register, Patty will automatically add your parenting partner to the community. They will receive an email within 24 hours reminding them of their login details.

What if my teen or adult child wants to start 1:1 coaching?

If your teen or young adult child is ready to begin making progress toward their goals, it's really powerful when both the parent(s) and young adult are working on making progress at the same time. It's a situation that can feel like 1 + 1 = 3. Your teen or adult can start individualized 1:1 coaching sessions anytime with a highly skilled autism life skills coach who has worked with other autistic individuals on similar goals. Your child will meet first with a head coach to discuss what they are hoping to get out of coaching, and we will pair them with the best-fit coach from our team. Your child and the coach will set a SMART goal at the beginning and measure progress toward that goal as the sessions progress. Sessions will happen over Zoom, and are scheduled at a time that works for your child and the coach.

Will I get updates on what my teen or adult child is working on with their coach?

If your child is 18+, this will be completely up to your child. Many times the young adults prefer that their parent(s) are copied on the coaching summaries. Sometimes they will prefer to keep this information private, and we honor their preferences. If your child is under 18, we encourage you to have a conversation with them about this before meeting with us to make sure you are on the same page about whether or not their coaching infomation will be shared with you.

I have another question you haven't covered.

Just contact me through the email form here and ask away!

Let's Do This!

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Monthly Subscription


12 Months of Access


Cancel easily anytime

Two months free

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