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Autism Independence Allies

A supportive monthly membership program for graduates of Parenting for Independence

Friends in Restaurant

You've Done the Work!


Now you want to keep the momentum going. What better way to do that than with friends you've met along the way?

Our motto is Navigating Together, Growing Together

Parenting neurodivergent teens and adults is the parenting stage no one told you about, and it can be such a lonely journey. While you are supporting, setting boundaries with, and giving nudges to your child, who is supporting you? Autism Independence Allies, that's who! 


Join us as we build a thriving community of parents supporting parents and working toward greater independence for their adult children. 

What's included?

For $99/month per household, you get:

Group Coaching Calls

We do group coaching every other Wednesday from 5-6 pm Mountain Time. Calls are recorded and uploaded into the private portal in case you can't attend the calls live. Questions can be submitted in advance, and with the calls recorded, you will always have access to expert advice.

Online Community

To continue the amazing discussions started in Parenting for Independence, you will have access to a discussion community within the platform just like you did during Parenting for Independence that is accessible on your computer or phone for peer interaction and advice.

Support Pods/Partners

No one can relate to your challenges or celebrate the significance of your successes like someone who is actively going through the same things, especially when they've done the same training as you, so to maximize opportunities for support and encouragement, so if you are interested, we will help you find a support pod so you can help each other continue the momentum created in Parenting for Independence.

Personalized Coaching Option

Members have access to optional on-demand 1:1 coaching sessions with Patty Laushman for personalized, in-depth support.

This Program is Invite-Only
Holding Hands

What the future looks like

As we build this membership program, we want to add features that are deeply valuable to you. Some ideas include:

Resource Library: A repository of resources like articles, e-books, worksheets, and checklists that parents can access to gain further insights and strategies on parenting demand-avoidant autistic teens and adults.
Guest Experts: Specialists or guest speakers who discuss specific topics to provide new perspectives and expert advice.
Exclusive Content: Members-only webinars, workshops, or content focusing on relevant topics or deep dives into specific challenges.
Exclusive Tools and Templates: Specialized tools and templates that members can utilize to navigate specific scenarios.
Priority Access: Members will have priority access and special discounts to any new courses, workshops, or events.

Welcome to the Autism Independence Allies!

Patty Laushman

This Program is Invite-Only

Your Head Coach

paty laushman headshot

Patty Laushman is a coach, educator, author, and speaker on the topic of neurodiversity. She understands the impact of being neurodivergent in a world built for neurotypicals. She comes from the neurodiversity perspective and also acknowledges the challenges brain-based differences can pose to daily living. In her coaching practice, she helps autistic teens and adults and their parents develop understanding, set and achieve goals, acquire skills, and ultimately live their best lives.

This Program is Invite-Only
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