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Improve communication with first responders and others during stressful situations

Let the card do the explaining

I am autistic wallet card describing what the holder may do when stressed to explain behavior that can be deemed suspicious by police
My Child is Autistic Public Wallet Card BACK

For when you want to disclose your situation but don't have the words

Paramedics talking to injured victim
Talking with police

If you have a tendency to lose the ability to explain your situation during stressful interactions, this handy card can be used to share important information with the people who need to understand your situation. I hope you never need it, but if you do, it can help your interactions go more smoothly.

Very important!!! If you are talking with a police officer, they may misinterpret your intentions when you reach for your wallet and falsely assume you are reaching for a weapon. Do not ever reach for your wallet until the officer tells you it is okay to do so. 


By downloading this template, you agree to follow these rules if you are interacting with the police:

  1. Always ask if you can show the officer your wallet card BEFORE you reach for it.

  2. Tell the officer where your wallet card is (my pocket, my purse, my backpack, the glove compartment), and ask again if it is okay to reach for it.

  3. Do not make any sudden movements when getting your wallet card. Move slowly and smoothly.

  4. Practice what you will say to first responders with trusted people before you begin carrying it.

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"I Am Autistic"
First Responder
Wallet Card Template

To make stressful interactions less stressful

I am Autistic LP
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