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Looking for an Autism Life Coach, AuDHD Coach, or ADHD Coach?

We help neurodivergent teens and adults live their best lives. We also coach their parents!

Have you ever considered working with an autism life coach? If you are tired of struggling with things others seem to do more easily in relationships, college, career, and daily living, then this might be for you. We also teach parents how to help teens/adults get unstuck and maximize their potential – in other words, we coach the coach!


Because the world is not designed for those with autism, AuDHD, and ADHD, daily life can be more difficult due to neurological differences that can impact their quality of life. But it doesn't need to be this way. This is where an autism life coach can have a huge impact!

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Learn about our group program for parents of autistic teens/adults

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Neurodivergent Adult Coaching

We provide individualized one-on-one coaching for autistic, AuDHD, ADHD, and other neurodivergent individuals. We work collaboratively to identify practical goals related to areas of life in which you are experiencing challenges, such as relationships, finding and maintaining employment, recovering from burnout, money management, executive functioning, college, and independent living. Then we define your goals for coaching and collaborate to create and execute a plan for achieving those goals by leveraging your strengths and figuring out how to overcome the obstacles in your path. We want you to live your best life!


Autism Parent Training

For parents of autistic teens and adults, we discuss your concerns and prioritize goals based on the importance and urgency of the challenges. In essence, we "coach the coach," helping you shift from a parental dynamic to that of collaboration with your adult child. We look for ways to make the biggest impact with the least effort. We combine parent education on autism and executive functioning challenges to facilitate understanding with problem-solving and skill-building. Always, we provide a non-judgmental listening ear for those who need someone to talk to who gets it, who can tell you that you are not alone, and that all your complex feelings are valid.

Parenting for Independence

Parenting for Independence is a step-by-step program for activating your autistic young adult’s motivation, unlocking their potential, and guiding them toward a more meaningful and productive life. Whether you already have a great relationship with your teen or adult child – or they have not come out of their bedroom since the pandemic started – this program is for you. You will go from feeling chronically frustrated, shut out, and disempowered as a parent to having the relationship, confidence, and skills needed to help your autistic young adult gain momentum – even if they struggle with demand avoidance.


I started working with Patty at a very scary time in my executive functioning journey. My grades in college were quickly falling due to burnout. My family and I were having issues with my lack of cleanliness, and my mental state was rocky at best. I stepped back from academics over the summer and focused solely on my summer job and executive functioning work with Patty.
My first massive achievement was finding the motivation to go back to classes in the fall, as I had been planning a gap semester. Working weekly and then bi-weekly with Patty, I was able to make this happen.  I’m on track to score the highest GPA I've ever achieved at my university, one of the most academically rigorous in the state. The changes took a little time to start, but once they did they were very rapid, especially academically.

I would recommend anyone who struggles with executive functioning to Patty. Her gentle methods of teaching have made my life so much better! I’ve even helped those around me with their own challenges with what I’ve learned. The skills she teaches are easy to learn, and if they don’t stick, then she tries something else until she finds what works for each client. She’s great to talk to and relatable, plus fun to talk to and celebrate successes with when they start rolling in. I definitely will recommend anyone and everyone work with her when they need it!

Sarah S.

A Message From Head Coach Patty Laushman

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